Australian White sheep

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The Australian White is an Australian breed of meat sheep. It derives from selective breeding of White Dorper, Van Rooy, Poll Dorset and Texel sheep, with the aim of creating a large white sheep suited to Australian conditions, and with a self-shedding hair coat.

Australian White
a group of white sheep
Lambs aged 14 weeks
Country of originAustralia
StandardNational Australian White Sheep Society
Wool colourwhite
Young flock of ewe lambs
Flock in Mudgegonga, Victoria, Australia


Three breeders – Baringa, Highveld and Tattykeel - collaborated to create the breed.

In 2011 the Australian White sheep breed was shown at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the first time.[citation needed]

In 2019 the breed was introduced into the USA.

In 2022 an Australian White ram was sold for AU$240,000, thought to be a record price for a meat sheep.


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