List of French flat horse races

Source From Wikipedia English.

A list of notable flat horse races which take place annually in France, under the authority of France Galop, including all conditions races which currently hold Group 1, 2 or 3 status in the European Pattern.

Group 1

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex 2024 winner
April Prix Ganay Longchamp 2,100 4yo+ Haya Zark
May Poule d'Essai des Pouliches Longchamp 1,600 3yo f Rouhiya
May Poule d'Essai des Poulains Longchamp 1,600 3yo c Metropolitan
May Prix d'Ispahan Longchamp 1,850 4yo+
June Prix du Jockey Club Chantilly 2,100 3yo c&f
June Prix de Diane Chantilly 2,100 3yo f
July Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud Saint-Cloud 2,400 4yo+
July Prix Jean Prat Chantilly 1,400 3yo c&f
July Grand Prix de Paris Longchamp 2,400 3yo c&f
August Prix Rothschild Deauville 1,600 3yo+ f
August Prix Maurice de Gheest Deauville 1,300 3yo+
August Prix Jacques Le Marois Deauville 1,600 3yo+ c&f
August Prix Morny Deauville 1,200 2yo c&f
August Prix Jean Romanet Deauville 2,000 4yo+ f
September Prix du Moulin de Longchamp Longchamp 1,600 3yo+ c&f
September Prix Vermeille Longchamp 2,400 3yo+ f
October Prix du Cadran Longchamp 4,000 4yo+
October Prix de Royallieu Longchamp 2,800 3yo+ f
October Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp Longchamp 1,000 2yo+
October Prix Marcel Boussac Longchamp 1,600 2yo f
October Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère Longchamp 1,400 2yo c&f
October Prix de la Forêt Longchamp 1,400 3yo+
October Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Longchamp 2,400 3yo+ c&f
October Prix de l'Opéra Longchamp 2,000 3yo+ f
October Critérium de Saint-Cloud Saint-Cloud 2,000 2yo c&f
October Critérium International Saint-Cloud 1,600 2yo c&f
October Prix Royal-Oak Longchamp 3,100 3yo+

Group 2

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex 2024 winner
April Prix d'Harcourt Longchamp 2,000 4yo+ Zarakem
May Prix du Muguet Saint-Cloud 1,600 4yo+ Tribalist
May Prix Greffulhe Saint-Cloud 2,100 3yo Wootton Verni
May Prix Corrida Saint-Cloud 2,100 4yo+ f
May Prix Saint-Alary Longchamp 2,000 3yo f
May Prix Vicomtesse Vigier Longchamp 3,000 4yo+
May / June Prix de Sandringham Chantilly 1,600 3yo f
May / June Prix du Gros Chêne Chantilly 1,000 3yo+
May / June Grand Prix de Chantilly Chantilly 2,400 4yo+
June Prix Hocquart Chantilly 2,400 3yo c&f
June / July Prix de Malleret Saint-Cloud 2,400 3yo f
July Prix Maurice de Nieuil Longchamp 2,800 4yo+
July Prix Eugène Adam Maisons-Laffitte 2,000 3yo
July Prix Robert Papin Maisons-Laffitte 1,100 2yo c&f
August Prix Guillaume d'Ornano Deauville 2,000 3yo
August Prix du Calvados Deauville 1,400 2yo f
August Prix de la Nonette Deauville 2,000 3yo f
August Prix Kergorlay Deauville 3,000 3yo+
August Prix de Pomone Deauville 2,500 3yo+ f
August Grand Prix de Deauville Deauville 2,500 3yo+
September Prix Foy Longchamp 2,400 4yo+ c&f
September Prix Niel Longchamp 2,400 3yo c&f
Sept / Oct Prix Chaudenay Longchamp 3,000 3yo
Sept / Oct Prix Dollar Longchamp 1,950 3yo+
Sept / Oct Prix Daniel Wildenstein Longchamp 1,600 3yo+
October Critérium de Maisons-Laffitte Maisons-Laffitte 1,200 2yo
October Prix du Conseil de Paris Longchamp 2,400 3yo+

Group 3

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex 2024 winner
March Prix Exbury Saint-Cloud 2,000 4yo+ Haya Zark
March / April Prix Edmond Blanc Saint-Cloud 1,600 4yo+ Tribalist
April Prix Penelope Saint-Cloud 2,100 3yo f Making Dreams
April Prix La Force Longchamp 1,800 3yo c&g Atlast
April Prix Vanteaux Longchamp 1,800 3yo f Dare To Dream
April Prix Imprudence Deauville 1,400 3yo f Romantic Style
April Prix Djebel Deauville 1,400 3yo c&g Lazzat
April Prix Sigy Chantilly 1,200 3yo Sajir
April Prix de Fontainebleau Longchamp 1,600 3yo c Ramadan
April Prix de la Grotte Longchamp 1,600 3yo f Candala
April Prix Noailles Longchamp 2,100 3yo Calandagan
April / May Prix Allez France Chantilly 2,000 4yo+ f American Sonja
April / May Prix de Barbeville Longchamp 3,100 4yo+ Sevenna's Knight
May Prix d'Hédouville Longchamp 2,400 4yo+ Goliath
May Prix de Guiche Chantilly 1,800 3yo c&g
May Prix Texanita Chantilly 1,200 3yo
May Prix de Saint-Georges Longchamp 1,000 3yo+
May Prix Cléopâtre Saint-Cloud 2,100 3yo f
May / June Prix du Palais-Royal Longchamp 1,400 3yo+
May / June Prix de Royaumont Chantilly 2,400 3yo f
June Prix du Lys Chantilly 2,400 3yo
June La Coupe Longchamp 2,000 4yo+
June Prix Bertrand du Breuil Chantilly 1,600 4yo+
June Prix Paul de Moussac Chantilly 1,600 3yo
June / July Prix de la Porte Maillot Longchamp 1,400 3yo+
June / July Prix du Bois Deauville 1,000 2yo
June / July Prix Chloé Chantilly 1,800 3yo f
July Prix de Ris-Orangis Maisons-Laffitte 1,200 3yo+
July Grand Prix de Vichy Vichy 2,000 3yo+
July Prix Messidor Maisons-Laffitte 1,600 3yo+
July / Aug Prix Six Perfections Deauville 1,400 2yo f
July / Aug Prix de Psyché Deauville 2,000 3yo f
July / Aug Prix de Cabourg Deauville 1,200 2yo
August Prix de Reux Deauville 2,500 3yo+
August Prix Minerve Deauville 2,500 3yo f
August Prix François Boutin Deauville 1,400 2yo
August Prix de Lieurey Deauville 1,600 3yo f
August Prix Gontaut-Biron Deauville 2,000 4yo+
August Prix Daphnis Deauville 1,600 3yo
August Prix de Meautry Deauville 1,200 3yo+
August Prix Quincey Deauville 1,600 4yo+
September Prix d'Arenberg Chantilly 1,000 2yo
September Prix La Rochette Longchamp 1,400 2yo
September Prix de Lutèce Longchamp 3,000 3yo
September Prix d'Aumale Chantilly 1,600 2yo f
September Prix des Chênes Longchamp 1,600 2yo c&g
September Prix Gladiateur Longchamp 3,100 4yo+
September Prix du Petit Couvert Longchamp 1,000 3yo+
September Prix du Pin Longchamp 1,400 3yo+
September Prix Eclipse Maisons-Laffitte 1,200 2yo
September La Coupe de Maisons-Laffitte Maisons-Laffitte 2,000 3yo+
September Prix du Prince d'Orange Longchamp 2,000 3yo
September Prix Bertrand de Tarragon Longchamp 1,800 3yo+ f
October Prix de Condé Chantilly 1,800 2yo
October Prix Thomas Bryon Saint-Cloud 1,400 2yo
October Prix des Réservoirs Deauville 1,600 2yo f
October Prix de Flore Saint-Cloud 2,100 3yo+ f
Oct / Nov Prix Belle de Nuit Saint-Cloud 2,800 3yo+ f
Oct / Nov Prix Perth Saint-Cloud 1,600 3yo+
Oct / Nov Prix Miesque Maisons-Laffitte 1,400 2yo f
Oct / Nov Prix de Seine-et-Oise Maisons-Laffitte 1,200 3yo+
November Prix Fille de l'Air Toulouse 2,100 3yo+ f


Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
March / April Prix Omnium II Saint-Cloud 1,600 3yo c&g
April Prix Right Royal Saint-Cloud 3,000 4yo+
April Prix Zarkava Longchamp 2,100 4yo+ f
April Prix Cor de Chasse Deauville 1,100 4yo+
April Prix Lord Seymour Longchamp 2,400 4yo+
April Prix Jacques Laffitte Longchamp 1,850 4yo+
April Prix Maurice Zilber Longchamp 1,400 4yo+
April Prix de Suresnes Chantilly 2,000 3yo
April Prix Servanne Chantilly 1,200 4yo+
May Prix Gold River Longchamp 2,800 4yo+ f
May Prix de la Seine Longchamp 2,200 3yo f
May / June Prix Matchem Maisons-Laffitte 1,800 3yo c&g
June Prix La Flèche Maisons-Laffitte 1,000 2yo
October Prix André Baboin Various 2,000 3yo+
October Prix Isonomy Deauville 1,600 2yo
November Prix Yacowlef Chantilly 1,100 2yo
November Prix Herod Chantilly 1,400 2yo

Other races

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April Prix Juigné Longchamp 2,100 3yo c&g


Last Run Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April 1977 Prix Daru Longchamp 2,100 3yo
May 2004 Prix Lupin Longchamp 2,100 3yo c&f
May 2003 Prix Jean de Chaudenay Saint-Cloud 2,400 4yo+
July 2003 Prix Berteux Deauville 3,000 3yo
Sept 2000 Prix de la Salamandre Longchamp 1,400 2yo c&f
Nov 2000 Prix Saint-Roman Saint-Cloud 1,600 2yo f