Prix des Chênes

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The Prix des Chênes is a Group 3 flat horse race in France open to two-year-old thoroughbred colts and geldings. It is run at Longchamp over a distance of 1,600 metres (about 1 mile), and it is scheduled to take place each year in September.

Prix des Chênes
Group 3 race
LocationLongchamp Racecourse
Paris, France
Race typeFlat / Thoroughbred
Race information
Distance1,600 metres (1 mile)
colts and geldings
excluding Group winners
Weight58 kg
Purse€56,000 (2020)
1st: €28,000
Prix des Chênes
emerald Green, Red epaulettes Dark blue, red diamond dark Green, Pink epaulettes and cap
Zabiari Grey Man Rock The Kasbah
Previous years
Light green and dark green (halved), dark green sleeves, light green armlets, dark green cap Dark blue Emerald green, emerald green and white check sleeves, white cap
Kubrick Adelaide River Pivotal Trigger
Royal blue, orange disc, striped sleeves and cap Pink, purple diamonds, purple sleeves, quartered cap Maroon, yellow hoops, maroon sleeves, yellow cap
Ancient Rome Scherzo Claim The Crown
Grey, maroon chevron, maroon sleeves, grey cap Dark blue, white chevron, quartered cap Royal blue, pink sash and sleeves
Policy Of Truth Mouillage My Kurkum
Blue, white seams, white sleeves, white cap Blue, white seams, white sleeves, white cap Royal blue
Ecrivain Hopeful Al Dabaran
Dark green, pink epaulettes, dark green sleeves, pink cap Orange, yellow stripe, orange sleeves, yellow cap Blue, white seams, white sleeves, white cap
Anodor Insandi Shaman
Royal blue, white cap Light blue, dark blue spots, light blue sleeves, light blue cap Purple, blue sleeves, purple cap, blue star
Stage Magic Olmedo Zyzzyva
Blue, white seams, white sleeves, white cap Dark Blue and Red halved horizontally, red collar, dark blue sleeves, red cuffs, dark blue cap, red peak Yellow, red star, stars on sleeves, red cap
Stimulation High Alpha National Defense
Royal blue emerald Green, Red epaulettes Silver, tassel on cap
Cloth Of Stars Vedevani Sixth Sense
Orange, grey hoops on body Light Blue and Red stripes, Red sleeves, Red cap, Light Blue star emerald Green, Red epaulettes
Evasive's First De Treville Cherek
White, violet cap Yellow, Blue cap emerald Green, Red epaulettes
Ectot Elliptique Daraybi
Yellow, royal blue stars, yellow cap emerald Green, Red epaulettes dark Green, Pink epaulettes and cap
Pearl Flute Visiyani Kitaya
Black, beige cap White, violet cap Green, blue sleeves, quartered cap
Vizir Bere Saint Pellerin Kadyny
Beige White, violet cap White, red triple diamond, sleeves and cap
French Navy Havane Smoker Surfrider
emerald Green, Red epaulettes dark Green, Pink epaulettes and cap Royal blue
Behkabad Helene Spirit Emirates Dream
Pink, purple diamonds, purple sleeves, quartered cap Emerald green and white check, striped sleeves, emerald green cap Yellow, black epaulets
Calvados Blues Naval Officer Canwinn
Red, green diamonds on sleeves, green cap Dark Blue, Pink triple diamond, Dark Blue sleeves, Pink stars, Dark Blue cap, Pink star emerald Green, Red epaulettes
Blue Chagall Dubai Time Beret Rouge
Yellow, green cross-belts and star on cap Yellow, red cap Dark blue, mauve cap
Spirit One San Domenico Cervinio
GREEN, red epaulettes, green cap DARK BLUE, yellow panel, check cap Red, Green triple diamond, Diabolo on sleeves, White cap, Green diamond
Carlotamix Linda's Lad Zato
Blue, yellow star, yellow stars on sleeves and star on cap dark Green, Pink epaulettes and cap Blue, white spots on body
Helios Quercus Musketier Vatori
Dark blue, light blue cross sashes, striped sleeves, white cap Grey, pink cap Purple
Bago Valixir Happy Crusader
emerald Green, Red epaulettes Grey, pink cap Maroon, white sleeves, maroon cap, white star
Dalakhani Green Channel Graikos
Royal blue, yellow cap Dark Blue, Light Blue hoop and armlets, hooped cap Yellow, royal blue cross belts and armlets
Shaanmer Caesarion Night Bokbel
Maroon, white sleeves, maroon cap, white star Green, pink epaulets, white sleeves, pink cap dark Green, Pink epaulettes and cap
Equerry Mizzen Mast Panis
Emerald green, royal blue hoop and armlets, quartered cap Emerald green, yellow stripe, yellow cap Maroon, light blue sleeves, light blue cap, maroon diamond
Jokerman Whyome Petroselli
Maroon, white sleeves, maroon cap, white star Dark blue, light blue cross sashes, striped sleeves, white cap Royal Blue, White hoops and sleeves, Red and White hooped cap
Grazalema Way Of Light Zeitz
Royal blue, orange disc, striped sleeves and cap Royal blue, white epaulets, striped cap White, dark green chevron, striped cap
Second Empire Muhtathir Tenbyssimo
Red, pale green cap Royal blue, white chevron, light blue cap Royal Blue, Light Blue cap
Nombre Premier Majorien Peintre Celebre
Grey, pink cap Blue, white cross-belts and sleeves, pink cap Royal Blue, Light Blue cap
Manninamix Winter Quarters Martiniquais
White, blue hollow box, hooped sleeves and cap Green, pink epaulettes, white sleeves, pink cap Grey, pink cap
Coco Passion Privity Diamond Mix
Royal Blue, Light Blue cap Green, pink epaulettes, white sleeves, pink cap Maroon, white sleeves, maroon cap, white star
Gunboat Diplomacy Cheyenne Dream Arabian Sky
White and violet (quartered), striped sleeves, quartered cap Yellow and black hoops, yellow cap Mauve, light green epaulets, quartered cap
Dancienne Dernier Empereur Ranger
Green, yellow stripe, yellow cap Pale blue, white and yellow check cap Dark Blue, Mauve star, Dark Blue sleeves, Mauve stars, Dark Blue cap, Mauve star
Litron Greek Air Saintry
White, blue hollow box, hooped sleeves and cap Grey, pink cap Dark green
Reason To Trick Camayan Democratic


The event was originally open to two-year-olds of either gender. It was established in 1882, and was contested over 1,600 metres at Longchamp.

The race was abandoned during World War I, with no running from 1914 to 1919.

Due to World War II, the Prix des Chênes was cancelled in 1939 and 1940. It was held at Le Tremblay in 1943, and was cancelled again in 1944.

The race was cut to 1,400 metres in 1964. It reverted to 1,600 metres in 1966.

The Prix des Chênes left Longchamp after 1988. For brief spells it was staged at Saint-Cloud (1989–90, 1994), Évry (1991–93) and Chantilly (1995). It returned to Longchamp and was closed to fillies in 1996.

The race formerly served as a trial for the Grand Critérium. It is now more usually a trial for the Critérium International.


Leading jockey (5 wins):

  • Frank O'NeillMongolie (1911), Pirpiriol (1912), Phusla (1920), Saint Hubert (1922), Cadum (1923)
  • Charles SemblatLucide (1924), Becassine (1925), Verdi (1928), Cassandre (1930), Vaucouleurs (1931)
  • Yves Saint-MartinTaraval (1963), Bord a Bord (1964), Stanleyville (1972), Captive Island (1984), Splendid Moment (1985)

Leading trainer (10 wins):

  • André FabreAlong All (1988), Manninamix (1995), Grazalema (1998), Equerry (2000), Shaanmer (2001), Carlotamix (2005), French Navy (2010), Cloth of Stars (2015), Akihiro (2016), Ancient Rome (2021)

Leading owner (6 wins):

  • Édouard de RothschildVertumne (1902), Cadum (1923), Bubbles (1927), Godiche (1929), Gonfalonier (1936), Irifle (1938)

Winners since 1978

Year Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
1976 Silk Slipper Maurice Philipperon John Cunnington Michael Sobell 1:45.8
1977 Jaazeiro Philippe Paquet François Boutin Souren Vanian 1:38.7
1978 Discretion Maurice Philipperon John Cunnington Jr. Michael Sobell
1979 In Fijar Henri Samani Mitri Saliba Mahmoud Fustok 1:40.00
1980 Dunphy Freddy Head Criquette Head Ghislaine Head
1981 Bon Sang Alfred Gibert Mitri Saliba Mahmoud Fustok
1982 Pluralisme Freddy Head Alec Head Jacques Wertheimer
1983 Mendez Cash Asmussen François Boutin Philip Niarchos 1:47.10
1984 Captive Island Yves Saint-Martin Robert Collet Robert Sangster
1985 Splendid Moment Yves Saint-Martin Robert Collet Richard Strauss
1986 Fotitieng Freddy Head François Boutin Stavros Niarchos
1987 Harmless Albatross Alain Lequeux Robert Collet Richard Strauss
1988 Along All Cash Asmussen André Fabre Daniel Wildenstein
1989 Funambule Guy Guignard Criquette Head Etti Plesch 1:41.70
1990 Reason to Trick Cash Asmussen John Hammond Henri Chalhoub
1991 Litron Dragan Ilic Theo Grieper Sonja Wewering 1:42.70
1992 Dancienne Dominique Boeuf Élie Lellouche Charles Sarmant 1:53.67
1993 Gunboat Diplomacy Olivier Peslier Élie Lellouche Daniel Wildenstein 1:47.32
1994 Coco Passion William Mongil John Hammond Henri Chalhoub 1:52.70
1995 Manninamix Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Jean-Luc Lagardère 1:46.70
1996 Nombre Premier Philippe Sogorb Alain de Royer-Dupré Marquesa de Moratalla 1:44.80
1997 Second Empire Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Magnier 1:35.40
1998 Grazalema Olivier Peslier André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:49.60
1999 Jokerman Jean-René Dubosc Jean-Claude Rouget Mrs Bertrand Clin 1:38.50
2000 Equerry Frankie Dettori André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:38.05
2001 Shaanmer Olivier Peslier André Fabre Edouard de Rothschild 1:46.50
2002 Dalakhani Christophe Soumillon Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV 1:41.70
2003 Bago Thierry Gillet Jonathan Pease Niarchos Family 1:39.30
2004 Helios Quercus Alexandre Roussel Cyriaque Diard Thierry Maudet 1:40.60
2005 Carlotamix Thierry Jarnet André Fabre HH Aga Khan IV 1:42.80
2006 Spirit One Dominique Boeuf Philippe Demercastel Bouzid Chehboub 1:45.10
2007 Blue Chagall Johan Victoire Henri-Alex Pantall William Preston 1:40.80
2008 Calvados Blues Ioritz Mendizabal Philippe Demercastel Malcolm Parrish 1:43.30
2009 Behkabad Christophe Lemaire Jean-Claude Rouget HH Aga Khan IV 1:39.30
2010 French Navy Maxime Guyon André Fabre Godolphin 1:46.40
2011 Vizir Bere Christophe Soumillon Didier Prod'homme Bryan Lynam 1:41.40
2012 Pearl Flute Umberto Rispoli Francis Graffard Pearl Bloodstock Ltd 1:45.61
2013 Ectot Gregory Benoist Élie Lellouche Augustin-Normand / Vidal 1:43.11
2014 Evasive's First Franck Blondel Frederic Rossi Jean-Claude Seroul 1:43.04
2015 Cloth of Stars Mickael Barzalona André Fabre Godolphin 1:41.16
2016 Akihiro Maxime Guyon André Fabre Wertheimer et Frère 1:38.12
2017 Stage Magic James Doyle Charlie Appleby Godolphin 1:38.77
2018 Anodor Aurelien Lemaitre Freddy Head Ecurie Jean-Louis Bouchard 1:41.12
2019 Ecrivain Maxime Guyon Carlos Laffon-Parias Wertheimer et Frère 1:40.97
2020 Policy Of Truth Maxime Guyon Pia & Joachim Brandt Haras Du Logis Saint Germain 1:40.83
2021 Ancient Rome Mickael Barzalona André Fabre Tabor / Smith / Magnier 1:42.57
2022 Kubrick Cristian Demuro Jean-Claude Rouget White Birch Farm 1:41.80

Earlier winners

  • 1882: Parthenope
  • 1883: Carmelite
  • 1884: Maman Berthe
  • 1885:
  • 1886: Concordia
  • 1887: Fumiste
  • 1888: Tire-Larigot
  • 1889: Master Gillam
  • 1890: Espion
  • 1891: Incitatus
  • 1892: Argenteuil
  • 1893: Chartreuse
  • 1894: Le Justicier
  • 1895: Epicharis
  • 1896:
  • 1897: Infant
  • 1898: Maurice
  • 1899: Love Grass
  • 1900: Saint Armel
  • 1901: Montgaillard
  • 1902: Vertumne
  • 1903: Feuille de Chou
  • 1904: Finasseur
  • 1905: Moulins la Marche
  • 1906: Imperia
  • 1907: Quintette
  • 1908: Kumamoto
  • 1909: Soleil
  • 1910: Faucheur
  • 1911: Mongolie
  • 1912: Pirpiriol
  • 1913: Oued
  • 1914–19: no race
  • 1920: Phusla
  • 1921: Syntheme
  • 1922: Saint Hubert
  • 1923: Cadum
  • 1924: Lucide
  • 1925: Becassine
  • 1926: La Desirade
  • 1927: Bubbles
  • 1928: Verdi
  • 1929: Godiche
  • 1930: Cassandre
  • 1931: Vaucouleurs
  • 1932: Pantalon
  • 1933: Denver
  • 1934: Ping Pong
  • 1935: Don Milo
  • 1936: Gonfalonier
  • 1937: Love Secret
  • 1938: Irifle
  • 1939–40: no race
  • 1941: My Drake / Tartarin *
  • 1942: Micipsa
  • 1943: Vole Vite
  • 1944: no race
  • 1945: Fasano
  • 1946:
  • 1947:
  • 1948: Fontenay
  • 1949: Eppi d'Or
  • 1950: Lavarede
  • 1951: Galeace
  • 1952: Corioline
  • 1953: Alba Nox
  • 1954: Fersen
  • 1955:
  • 1956: Mourne
  • 1957: Arsar
  • 1958: Tiepoletto
  • 1959: Tanata
  • 1960: Misti
  • 1961: Tracy
  • 1962: Beautiful
  • 1963: Taraval
  • 1964: Bord a Bord
  • 1965: Behistoun
  • 1966: Frontal
  • 1967: Verglas
  • 1968: Tuxpan
  • 1969: Experio
  • 1970: Maraschino
  • 1971: Banaldo
  • 1972: Stanleyville
  • 1973: Bayraan
  • 1974: Mariacci
  • 1975: French Swanee

* The 1941 race was a dead-heat and has joint winners.

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