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Emika22 is a user on Wikipedia. She was first sucked into the world of wiki in summer 2009. Most of her edits are regarding Hungarian historical events and people.


Emika22 first began editing Wikipedia during the long, boring summer of 2009. Her first recorded edits were on June 22nd to the article Gersekarát. Following this, she spent a good number of her precious summer hours translating the article Varga Katalin Secondary School from it's original Hungarian version. While procrastinating from this ongoing translation, Emika22 also created or expanded several other articles, including several about Hungarian people, such as Katalin Varga, Katalin Bánffy, Emese, and Ilona Zrínyi. In the autumn of 2009, she expanded her repertoire from articles about obscure Hungarian women to include articles about obscure Hungarian places, such as Szolnok Castle and Verecke Pass. In the long, dull, neverending winter of 2009-2010, she began expanding the page Szolnok with translations from it's Hungarian version.

Current projects

Emika22 is currently working on several projects in her typical, lackadaisical manner. The most important being the ongoing translation of User:Emika22/Szolnok (English page at Szolnok, original Hungarian at Szolnok).

Originally begun in June 2009, Emika22 has still not finished translating some sections of Katalin Varga from the original Hungarian page at Varga Katalin

Although she has finished the translation of the page, pictures need to be added to Szolnok Castle.

After a vacation in Transylvania, Emika22 created the page Kalotaszeg and began expanding it User:Emika22/Kalotaszeg from Kalotaszeg.

A wider selection of her unfinished projects can be seen here.



After she has finished the project already started, Emika22 would like to devote her time to expanding Category:Hungarian_people_stubs, Category:Hungary_stubs, Category:Articles_needing_translation_from_Hungarian_Wikipedia, and the red links on List_of_cities,_towns,_and_villages_in_Hungary.


Emika22 is a native English speaker. She also speaks Hungarian at an intermediate level, and German and Spanish at basic levels. If she had infinite time and money, Emika22 would spend it learning more languages, in addition to mastering the ones she already knows.