Hi there!!

A bit about me, drawn almost entirely from my résumé or "curriculum vitae" (CV), because I didn't know what the heck else to put here:

I studied the broad natural sciences curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in 1988 with a major in geology, and minors in physics, mathematics and computer science. I'm a retired Professional Geologist specializing in engineering geology, a member of The Geological Society of America, The American Association for the Advancement of Science and a Charter Member of The Planetary Society. I'm also an Associate Member of the Audio Engineering Society.

I've conducted site-specific research and reconnaissance as well as on-site inspection and testing for numerous public and private projects, including roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, commercial and industrial buildings, dams, landfills, structural fills, soil and rock anchor systems, slope stabilization and failure remediation, and environmental analysis and remediation. Related managerial and supervisory responsibilities have included project management, client relations, site supervision and employee training.

An electronics enthusiast since the age of twelve (radio & television repair, shortwave listening (SWL), ham radio) and a Certified Audio Consultant at twenty-four, I was a part-time sound reinforcement and recording engineer from 1977 through 1996, usually setting up and mixing two or more shows a week — along with the occasional remote or studio recording session — while also serving as electronics technician and electrician. I still do the occasional mixing or recording gig (live or studio), as well as system and venue consulting and equipment repair. Having taken up digital audio engineering in 2005, my recent work has included digitizing and editing a collection of analog recordings of various rock bands and acoustic acts.

From 1974 to 1985 I was employed by the Electrical Department of Bethlehem Steel Corporation. For most of that time I was assigned to the Line & Construction/Electric Stores Unit, responsible for the receipt, cataloging, storage and distribution of electrical and electronic parts and supplies, as well as maintaining an inventory of common items, maintenance and repair of tools, managing the warehouse and training new employees. At other times I worked on the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment. I've also worked as a freelance residential electrician since 1976.

From 1978 to 1980 I was also employed by a local consumer electronics outlet, variously serving as Salesman, Technician and Store Manager. Among my responsibilities was supervising the opening of a second store in 1979, including store layout, construction design, electrical upgrades, contractor relations and purchasing.

I've been a registered Wikipedia contributor since 15 July 2007, and my primary focus has been improving existing articles, particularly with respect to clarity, accuracy, reference citations and editorial style. I've authored no original articles thus far, but have contributed new material to many existing articles.