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Me as of 2022
Me as of 2022
Chris Cunningham
Education and employment
OccupationSystems developer

Who are you?

I'm a fortysomething man based in the Netherlands. (I'm not this guy.) I edit Wikipedia in my spare time.

What kind of work do you do?

I do a lot of copyediting, refactoring of established but low-quality articles to bring them up to Featured Article status, and cleanup of short and stub articles.

I'm experienced in working with templates, especially {{navbox}}, {{infobox}} and the {{mbox}} master templates. I'm active in converting Wikipedia's older templates to use the system, and in improving it so that it is more flexible.

I'm also an administrator, which lets me delete things, move or edit protected pages, set protection on things and block accounts.

Feel free to drop me a line on my talk page if you'd like help or advice on the above or any other aspect of Wikipedia.

Where are all your barnstars / article badges / userboxes?

If I've received one attached to a comment on my talk page it'll be in my talk archives, but I would rather not think of my purpose here as collecting trophies. You are not your barnstars.

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