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Cover of the November 1933 issue
Cover of the November 1933 issue

The Spider was an American pulp magazine published by Popular Publications from 1933 to 1943. Every issue included a lead novel featuring the Spider, a heroic crime-fighter. The novels in the first two issues were written by R. T. M. Scott; thereafter every lead novel was credited to "Grant Stockbridge", a house name. Norvell Page, a prolific pulp author, wrote most of these. Unlike some contemporary pulp heroes, The Spider was willing to kill criminals, and when he did so he left a red spider inked on his victims. Page in particular wrote stories with violent storylines, often with science-fiction plot devices. Continuity from novel to novel was often disregarded, with characters killed in one issue appearing unscathed in later issues. Each magazine also featured short stories, occasionally including elements of horror fiction. Most of the cover art was painted by John Newton Howitt or Rafael de Soto. The magazine was cancelled in 1943 due to a paper shortage caused by World War II. (Full article...)

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Abolitionist caricature of the caning of Charles Sumner
Abolitionist caricature of the caning of Charles Sumner

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Killing of Sudbury and Hales
Killing of Sudbury and Hales
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In England, buildings of particular architectural and/or historic interest can be given special protection through listing. Around 500,000 buildings are listed, at one of three grades; Grade I, the most important and applying to only 2.5% of all listed buildings, Grade II*, the next highest, and Grade II. The age of a building is relevant; very few buildings built less than 30 years ago are considered suitable for listing. Thus, no buildings completed in the 21st century have yet been listed. Those completed in the 20th century and given Grade I listing include cathedrals, churches, chapels, war memorials, houses, bridges, factories, galleries, university structures, animal enclosures and a bike shed. The most recent building to be designated Grade I is Colin St John Wilson's British Library, constructed between 1982 and 1999 and the newest designation is for the New House, Wadhurst Park by John Outram, listed in July 2020. The architect with most Grade I 20th-century buildings to their name is Edwin Lutyens, followed by Arne Jacobsen. (Full list...)

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